Nitish Kumar (CEO & FOUNDER) Story

Mr. Nitish Kumar


Once upon a time, in a small town called Kochas, there lived a young man named Nitish Kumar. Nitish came from a modest middle-class background, where dreams of success often took a backseat to the necessities of life. However, Nitish had a burning passion for technology and a relentless drive to learn and grow.

While his formal education was simple, Nitish’s love for technology drove him to acquire self-knowledge in the field. He spent countless hours devouring books, attending online courses, and experimenting with different tech tools. His determination and relentless pursuit of learning allowed him to accumulate five years of valuable experience in the tech industry.

In 2020, Nitish decided to channel his passion and expertise into something tangible. He established his first business venture, C.K Online Center Pauvat, with the goal of providing comprehensive cyber cafe solutions to the local community. Nitish envisioned a space where people could not only access the internet but also receive the best possible tech-related assistance.

At C.K Online Center, Nitish went above and beyond to provide the finest solutions and services to his customers. He created a warm and welcoming environment, where patrons felt comfortable seeking guidance on various tech-related matters. His dedication to customer satisfaction and his commitment to delivering the best solutions propelled his business to experience continuous growth.

One fortuitous day, Nitish’s life took an unexpected turn. He had the opportunity to meet Mr. Balbhagwan Acharya, a respected college professor known for his keen intellect and entrepreneurial mindset. Intrigued by Nitish’s passion and the success of C.K Online Center, Mr. Acharya struck up a conversation with him.

“Your dedication and drive are truly commendable,” Mr. Acharya began. “Have you ever considered starting a startup? With your background and expertise, you could create something revolutionary and impactful.”

Nitish was taken aback by the professor’s suggestion. He had always dreamed of making a larger impact in the tech industry, but the idea of starting a startup seemed like a distant possibility. However, Mr. Acharya’s words sparked a fire within Nitish’s heart, fueling his ambition and igniting his entrepreneurial spirit.

Motivated by Mr. Acharya’s encouragement, Nitish embarked on a journey to turn his dream into a reality. He spent countless hours researching and analyzing the market, seeking opportunities to make a significant difference. Eventually, he identified a niche in the market for affordable yet reliable refurbished laptops.

In 2023, Nitish took a bold step and established his new startup, The name, which meant “Our Laptop” in Hindi, symbolized Nitish’s vision of providing a platform where individuals from all walks of life could access affordable laptops.

But Nitish didn’t stop there. He wanted to add value to his customers’ lives, beyond just providing laptops. So, he devised a unique offering—an innovative program called the “Free Laptop Training Certification Program.” Through this program, customers who purchased laptops from would also have the opportunity to receive training and certification courses to enhance their tech skills.

Nitish’s commitment to affordability, quality, and continuous learning set apart from its competitors. The startup gained momentum quickly as people from different backgrounds flocked to the platform, attracted by the promise of nominal prices and the added benefit of skill enhancement.

As thrived, Nitish’s passion for making a positive impact grew stronger. He actively collaborated with local educational institutions, conducting workshops and training sessions to bridge the digital divide and empower individuals with essential tech knowledge.

Nitish’s story became an inspiration, particularly for those who, like him, came from humble beginnings. He proved that with dedication, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge, one could rise above their circumstances and create something extraordinary.

Through and the Free Laptop Training Certification Program, Nitish not only transformed the refurbished laptop market but also empowered individuals to embrace the digital era and unlock their potential.

And so, Nitish Kumar, the ambitious and passionate middle-class entrepreneur, left an indelible mark on his community. His journey stood as a testament to the fact that dreams, even in the face of limited resources, could become a reality with the right mix of determination, innovation, and the willingness to uplift others along the way.

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